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TITLE; Saya di tag lagi :)
Tuesday, October 25 | 1:25 AM | 0 comments

Hey peeps 
okeh entry kali ni mengenai TAGGING GAME again .
oke-2 kali ni Cikk Bee di tag oleh Dear Eyka.
thanks dear for the tag .
 oke kat bawah ni mcm biasa soalan2 dari Eyka oke :)

1. 5 things about you .
-love to cry
-love teddy bear soo much
-hate beetles and insect soo damn much !
-hate people who like to judge me before they know me 

2. Adakah anda seorang yang selalu menangis ?
-yes ! suda menjadi hobi setiap malam sebelum tidur mesti menangis

3.Sometime bf/gf  korang buad yang paling korang suka . kenapa ?
-menari & menyanyi sebab dy menari lawak sgt9 and suare nya sedap 

4.Iphone / blackberry or strawberry 
-iphone for entertain me , blackberry for super dupper hot look

5.Ada tak salah seorang kawan korang yang korang tak suka ? kenapa ?
-ada . perempuan sbb suke bajet hot and perasan bagus !

6.Apa benda yang paling korang suka ?
-teddy bear pemberian bf 

7.what will you do before go to bed ?
-call bf and cry 

8.What do you want in boy/girl ?
-respect me an be his own self

9.jom kira berapa dah ex korang .
-10 jee

10.if you were a princess/prince what will you do ?  will you marry
a princess/prince or just an ordinary person ? 
- buy all the thing i want and get marry will a prince and use all his money , jyeah ! haha

11.can you describe me in 5 words ?

My questions are:
1. What is your name's mean?
2. Why you like to blogging?
3. How many times you sleep a day?
4. Which blog do you visit often?
5. What is your favorite country?
6. Who is your favorite teacher and his/her subject?
7. Who is your inspiration?
8. What is your dream?
9. Who is your boyfriend/girlfriend name?
10. How many time a day you open your blog?
11. How many anon/hater at your blog?

im tagging :

ok lah smpy situ saja entry kali ini . salam :)

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